Brake Services

Brake Services

Be Ready for Anything 

A car makes a right turn on red, right into your lane. A deer runs in front of you. An 18-wheeler cuts you off on I95.

Face it, you never know exactly when you’ll need your brakes. 

We know that brakes can make the ultimate life-saving difference on your vehicle. We take this very seriously, and you should too. Bring your vehicle by Huntington Center Gulf for a free brake check if you experience any of the following

* Grinding or squealing sounds from the brakes/wheels
* Mushy/spongy brake pedal, or pedal goes to the floor
* Brake warning light on

Bring Your Car to Our Shop 

We’ll show you exactly what the problem is and what your options are and give you a written estimate on request before any work is performed.

We service European cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and VW, as well as all Asian imports (Honda, Nissan, Toyota, etc.) and domestic vehicles. We use only the best parts and guarantee our work for 12 months/12,000 miles.

From pads and rotors to drum brakes, fluid bleeding, master cylinder and power booster service to replacing rusted hydraulic brake lines, you can feel safe knowing that Huntington Center Gulf can service your vehicle properly.
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