Radiator & Cooling System

Radiator & Cooling System

Stay Safe

If the heater in your car starts blowing cold air instead of warm, or the temperature gauge is reading higher than normal, chances are you are having a problem with your engine’s cooling system. Don’t wait until the engine registers in the “red”. Many times damage can occur as a result of overheating. Bring your vehicle in for a FREE diagnostic to determine what the problem may be.

Q: Do you really need to change or “flush” your cooling system, even if you don’t use the car all that often?

A: Yes, and by doing so, you will prevent damage to your engine and heater core. Over time, the pH factor of the coolant/antifreeze changes, becoming more acidic. This in turn will eat away at certain parts that it comes in contact with, like gaskets. So even if you never drive the car, your coolant can damage your engine.

Count on Us 

We offer complete cooling system services, including fluid flushes and radiator, thermostat, and hose replacement.
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