Steering & Suspension

Steering & Suspension

Steer Your Car in the Right Direction

Besides brakes and tires, your steering and suspension play a critical role in your vehicle’s ability to avoid accidents. Inspection of these parts on a regular basis is imperative. 

Shocks and struts are some of those critical components. As they begin to wear or degrade, they lose their ability to control lean or sway and provide tire grip or adhesion when encountering bumps. A shock absorber's firmness or control affects the rate of weight transfer from one side to another in a turn. Excessive weight transfer from bad shock absorbers can cause the unloading tire to pass from sticking to slipping or sliding very abruptly. A loss of stability and vehicle control can compromise your vehicle’s safety and the safety of the passengers who ride with you.

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Tie rods and ball joints help your steering system direct your car exactly where you want it to go and to move it out of a dangerous situation immediately when you tell it to. Just one worn part can affect how your car reacts in a panic situation. 

We offer complete steering and suspension diagnostic and repair services using such trusted vendors as Monroe, KYB, and Moog.

In addition, we offer power steering flush services, featuring Wynn’s products.
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