Transmission & Drivetrain

Transmission & Drivetrain

Keep Your Car in Good Condition 

Would you consider not changing your engine oil? The answer should be, “no” as serious damage to the engine would occur. So, why don’t more people change their transmission fluid? Many think that it’s just the dealer’s way of charging them for something they don’t need. Others who take their cars to a quick-lube facility, or have their oil changed in the driveway or parking lot, are not even aware of the service their car needs. 

As your transmission ages, particulate matter from the clutches can contaminate the fluid, along with moisture that finds its way into the system. All of this can reduce the fluid’s viscosity, thus impairing the performance of the transmission and ultimately causing premature wear of the internal components. 

Call Us for Quality Service 

We offer complete transmission services, including fluid and filter changes, along with clutch replacement, transmission, and drivetrain rebuilding.
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